As the dust settles from the long day, I sit here and relax. ¬†Next to my beautiful little girl we sit together, with the sounds of Curious George filling the room, my princess is the most still she is in the entirety of the day. Finding the perfect routine is, well impossible. But, finding the moments in between the whirlwind of life is what makes life what it needs to be. I recently wrote about how things are looking up… well, my husband found a paying job, so the bill for last month will be paid this week, and most of this months bills will get paid this week…awe what a relief. I know some of you are in the same boat as us struggling to see the sunshine, and I tell ya what from here it seems like smooth sailing. The sad part is I still have my wall up, and my work boots up just waiting for the next blow up to happen. Whether something breaks or another bill pops up, I suppose I’ve trained myself to be ready, but for today the world seems just right, however tonight, yes, tonight! I relax. I sit here with my girl, and watch Curious George. I can feel change in the air, and that’s not just because fall is here. : )

As I look at the things our family has accomplished in the last few years, I realize how much we have grown together. My husband and I are so very happy. Things seem to be easier as each day goes by, and the funny thing is I find myself happier to be home then anywhere else. Just watching my husband and my daughter play together makes working so hard worth it. Don’t get me wrong I still need my girl nights every once and while, and my occasional BIG glass of wine, but life is good, I hope that someone out there finds this inspiring in some way. I know life is hard, I know it gets rough, but I know working through with the people you love makes it seem better then ever. Stay strong working mommas!