The Amateur Housewife

Tales of an Amateur housewife:

A few months ago I decided to take on the challenge of redecorating my 3 year olds bedroom. My goal was to craft things with my sewing machine and my craftiness. However I forgot a couple of things. 1. I am not that great at sewing, and by not that great I may have jammed the machine up just a few times and my lines look like a drunk college kids walking path. 2. Oh yeah, I am not that crafty!

However, today we live in a frugal world. With the decline of available jobs in 2008 and the low income to cost of living ratio in Montana, I thought hey I can make this work. So step A) Buy fabric. I do not know if you have gone out buy fabric but it’s not cheap. It is actually more expensive than just buying pillows. so $60 and 6 yards of fabric, I was on my way to making my daughter her pillows, and a possible decorative piece for her room. Because I am so new to this and not one for instructions I figured “hey, I have pillow cases I will just use those as my cut out samples”. Well, they worked… sort of. I had my pillow cases all pinned up and ready to go – I sewed diligently, trying my hardest to sew straight. Well they turned out okay, they looked like pillow cases as long as you did not line them up next to each other you couldn’t tell one was longer and skinner than the other.

Well I put them on my daughter’s bed and bought her matching sheets. Since she is 3 she doesn’t really like having a comforter anyway so I figured I had time, plus it was summer time and we don’t have A/C in our home. She loved them, 3 year olds aren’t too judgy so I had that going for me. The end of summer started to hit, and I figured we should figure out this Comforter situation so we went today to pick out a bed set (using a gift card from 5 months ago that still had $50 on it… we don’t get a lot of extra time). As I am looking I am thoroughly frustrated because obviously none of these bed sets match the custom chevron yellow and grey fabric that Sophie picked out for her pillows 2 months ago. When we finally find one that could work, and end up spending the whole gift card on this bed set I realize I am not as frugal as I once though. I literally just spent $120 on a bedroom set if you include the custom pillow cases that arent; actually even the same size as each other and her comforter which by the way came with pillow cases and other items that match it.

So here I am with a solid 3 months into decorating my daughters room, and it finally has some stuff on the wall, matching comforter, cute blinds, and a broke mom. But hey she is my kid, and we all do weird, stupid things to make sure our kids have great things –

I guess I should probably get started on my room…