What a week. Life has been so busy, that seems to be our excuse to not getting things done. But, there is always time to get things done isn’t there? Whether you have to stay up late to get it done, or wake up early, really… there is always time. My husband whether he realizes it or not is one of my biggers inspirations. When we started out we were working at restraunts and working our ways through college. Neither of us finished school, there was a wedding we went to and 9 months later a beautiful baby girl. I tried to go back for a year, but working full time with a family – it made nearly impossible to do well in school. I got tired of giving my professors the same excuses of being too tired because I worked until 4 and my daughter didn’t sleep through the night.  My husband though he didn’t waste his time trying to go back. He taught himself how to do what he does now. For a year he worked for himself, free lancing websites, and helping businesses get themselves seen online. within 18 months of knowing what he wanted to do, he landed a job that he could not be happier at, he has retirement, and he is just such a happier more satisfied person. Then there is me, seeing all that he has done, and hoping that I can be half as happy at a job. He would choose to go to work over hanging out at home some days, and I want that too. I want to feel like my job is a part of who I am, not something I have to do to pay the bills. I can’t wait to get Lolo’s going! I am so close. My husband is helping me with the website, the foundation is laid down, I really am almost to a point where I can make an order and start merchandising, and bringing in the money. The best part is I have a great job so I don’t feel like I am risking my families well being to do this, I just have to make time to do what I want, so that I can feel the same success my husband has.


Taco Tuesday’s

Taco Tuesday:

I was getting ready to eat Tuesday night with my family – it was taco night, which we established we are going to try and do every Tuesday for 2016. Anyway as i was sitting there I couldn’thelp but feel so lucky for the life I had. The house was a disaster, we were tired, our daughter was cranky as 4 year olds get after a long day of preschool, but I look at what I have and feel so lucky and wonder why i ever question what I want to do. I have done so many things in life that I never wanted to do to get us where we are today. It’s funny though that as people when we finally have our opportunity to do what we want how afraid we are.

I know people who just jump into things and they do well with it every time. I used tobe like that. Flying by the seat of my pants, I was even kind of homeless for  a while and that never scared me. I think that having other people rely on me though that has made me more afraid of things in life, almost to a degree of supidity. I say that because it is so stupid to lose a part of your self just because you ‘think’ you have to be a certain way, or have a certain job. I know I can do this I know I can start my own company and do it well…I just have to do it. image

My 3 Year Challenge

If you have looked back at any of my posts, you can see that about 3 years ago I started considering opening my own boutique. This is the year. this is the year I stop dreaming, this is the year I stop considering, stop wondering, this is the year I stop stopping myself from doing it and start making a change in myself. There are  a million reasons I have been afraid to start. Fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of doing something I want to do, and realizing maybe I didn’t really want to do it. But, it’s been 3 years and yet I still think about it in my down time. I still envy other online boutiques whenever I am on Facebook just scrolling through my timeline.

I have everything I need to do this, I have some money to get started, I have the time to do it, I have a husband who supports me completely. There is no reason I should not do it. Fear is the only thing that stopping me. I know in the past I have started posting and just trail off into the oblivion. This year is different – I plan to get on top of my life, I plan to make my life happen. I have had enough down time. I have had enough time to think. It’s time to make my dreams come true, and in the end make our life what we want to.  Happy New Year to anyone reading this, and if you have something your challenging yourself with let me know, and I would love to follow you as well and read your journey. I’ll do my best to continue to post about mine.