The Truth Is…

IMG_3600the truth is… I’m tired. Some days I hear my daughter get up, my son is moving around and all I do is envy my friends who don’t have kids. There are moments I envy their free time. I push myself out of bed, begin our crazy morning routine and between the big hugs, the laughter and sometimes even the “put your shoes on” for the 18th time… I’m not jealous I’m just tired.

As parents we give everything we have to the people we love, and I’m so tired of the endless feud on who has it worst. The working parent? The SAHM?? No one does. I promise you each and everyone of us in our way had some losses and some wins and that end of the day we are all just tired parents. Today my win is that I had both kids ready to go and actually got to work early! My loss… is that I got to work early and missed that much more time with my babies. Sometimes as parents our wins can be our losses too, but that’s okay because the most important thing is that our kids know they’re loved, they’re respected, and that they will always have a person to turn to. I’m a work in progress and I’m working to be more available for my little ones. What’s your win? What’s your loss? What’s your work in progress??


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