Let’s Talk About Food Baby!

Dinner. ugh. we all get home after a long ass day at work and don’t know what we’re cooking right? I mean at least I used to! For me it was a daily struggle, fighting to get words out of the mouths of my loved ones of what they want for dinner. Frustrated I would normally give up and buy some hamburger helper, mostly because it was cheap, filling, and everyone was happy with that. Except me.

So what did I change? Meal Planning. I know, I know it sounds so lame and probably like a waste of your time, but I promise you, in the long run it saves you time. It saves you from making that 6pm trip to the store when your kids are starving and by the time you feed them they don’t want to eat because they filled up on snacks anyway. It save you from throwing your face in your hands and pulling your hair out because for the 3rd week in a row you asked what everyone wanted for dinner and they responded with “I don’t care”. It saves you if you are just a busy person, and the last thing you want to do is cook a damn meal when you get home because you know you have to prep it, then cooke it then clean it up. I don’t promise any magic fairy will come to your door and fix the dishes… although I am still searching for one so if I find one I will let you know!

How do you meal plan? Do you save money? Do you even like the way the food tastes? all wonderful questions, and each one will be answered as I go through the next few weeks and try (again) at my blogging journey. So let me end with I LOVE FOOD, and I want to share my adventure as a wife, mom and crazy busy person who also loves eating. So lets make food great again and talk about how Wildtree has been my lifesaver at dinner time, and maybe I can help it become yours too! Blazin Buffalo Dip