I lost my SH.

I finally cracked this weekend. I lost on my kids, I lost it on my husband… I was raging!! But I have tried to find ways to maintain my crazy and keep us all happy because I love these people that put up with my crazy! As people I believe we have a certain threshold of stress that we can handle. I also believe there are two types of people that keep pretending they can do more and more and more. Then there are those who are much better at setting their boundaries and just doing what works for them. I’m the first and dear god I am jealous of the second.

As a mother/wife/full time employee, I tend to be an over achiever in all of the above. Trust me in not bragging! I generally set the bar too high for myself and then feel like a huge failure because the truth is I (we) can’t do it all. More importantly that is okay. That is something I’m still teaching myself. So this is for all of you amazing people who push yourself too much.

1. Always make sure you’re doing something for you. Because, even if life is getting cray cray if you have something for you, at least you have some moments just for you and that on its own can be so rewarding.

2. Eat the chocolate. Drink the coffee. Do what you need to do to keep your sanity. If you’re as busy as me it’s probably because you’re doing a bunch of crap for other people that you love dearly.

3. A long hot shower goes a long way. When I get pissed over stupid stuff and I’m becoming aware of how dumb it is, I hop in the shower for 15 minutes have a good cry and time to think about how to organize my life. Sometimes you need a few minutes to organize your life.

4. Let yourself feel loved. Live in the messy house with the family that loves you and remember to enjoy the moments you have with them.

5. Be you. The best version of you is the real you. Plus if you’re this busy you don’t have time to try and put on a face of someone else. People will either like you for you… or they’re not your people. We all need our own people. And we need to have them to occasionally vent to.


Thats all all I got today. As an old friend used to say, have a beautiful day! And don’t lose your SHHH like I did this weekend 🙂 peace!


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