All The Guilt, All The Time

Hey, if we haven’t met, my name is Lauren and I am technically a millennial. Though I resent being titled as such I suppose I need to own it. My generation is that oh so entitled group of kids that doesn’t want to work hard, complains about everything and feels super freaking entitled 😜.

The reality is, I am actual a hard ass working mom and wife with a full time job, just trying to make ends meet. Part of trying to do all of the things, is feeling all of the guilt. My main goal in the next year is to find my balance so I don’t feel all that crap anymore. But what crap could I possibly feel? I’m probably just feeling deserving of something I haven’t earned yet according to many of my elders. Why do they feel that way? I barely knew any moms when I was a kid who were working a full 40 plus hour week year round, with expectations of being at every school event, making organic homemade meals, making cold lunches for their kids, and also making time to work out so they looked damn good too. Let’s break this down.


1) growing up many of my dinners were out of the box or from the drive thru window, and my mom was a SAHM. Because even being a SAHM is effing busy and hard to do it all… for fun add a full Time job on top of regular mom duties. Thankfully I stumbled upon wildtree a while back and love having that in my back pocket for our dinners… if you have questions on what that is read my next blog post about wildtree meal prep and how awesome it is!

2. School events. OMG! There are so many random school events. I love my kid I want to support the shit out of her, you know what I don’t want? To take my lunch hour at 10am so I can be starving and crabby by 5 when I go to pick up all the children.  ( by all I mean 2… not sure why I made it sound like more)


3. Cold lunches every morning, I make them, I rock them. I also put money on my kids account and she gets hot lunch…it’s really not the end of the world.

4. Workout time. This is actually something I do feel I need, but also think we’ve put too high of an expectation on. Although the happy endorphins make me seem less crazy, we also need to accept moms in every shape. Because we have kids we are all doing what we can for them, and that wears the shit out of our bodies. If you’re looking for a great program I love my beach body coach! Her name is jess she is awesome and real!

That’s what I’ve got tonight. Go say F it! And enjoy your life, without feeling the guilt of having to do it all, all the Time. You will be late for work sometimes, you will miss some school events, you will have days where you pack your kid the lunchable. Don’t let anyone judge you for that if you’re giving all that you can, stop trying to give more than you have. Maybe I’m writing this one just to me… but maybe it will help someone else too.




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