How he turned into an IT Guy

I remember back in 2013 My loving husband decided it was time for him to quit his job as an HVAC guy to do something that he loved. In the past few months he had started a side business. Building websites for small business’ and optimizing their results in search engines like google. It was a stepping stone. He learned an immense amount of things. what to do, or not to do when running a business. He learned that people do not always pay like they say they will. That spring he began to get so much work that we decided it would be best for him to leave his steady paying job and make a living running his own business. Oh my goodness, talk about stress. I was working two jobs, bartending very late nights and serving pizza by day… did I mention I was trying to finish school at this point too. Oh yes and our daughter had just turned 2. Go ahead call us crazy : )

Adam ended up finding someone who said he had a great opportunity for us. Our hopes got really high, we talked about moving to Monterey, CA and changing our whole life from our small mountain town home. Adam put in a lot of hours helping this man out, and while the promises were there the checkbook was always hidden. After 2 months of working hard in hopes of a wonderful job opportunity, and a lot of empty promises we cut ties with this “business man” our funds were running low, and my patience was very thin. I can’t speak of how many tear filled, exhausted nights/conversations we had. I wanted to support my husband and his dreams, but how far do you go? That was a question I remember asking myself quite a bit. How far do you go until you give up… and we never gave up.